The Sage Insurance Agency grew out of my necessity to learn and better explain to individuals how insurance works legally and how it works to protect their property.  I started as a P&C agent only, but in 2018 I narrowed my mission to working with those eligible for Medicare to better understand Medicare and their options. 

Sagrario “Sage”  Dyer
I am the agent who calls you back

Hello! I’m Sagrario Dyer, but you can call me Sage. Proudly known as “THE AGENT WHO CALLS YOU BACK,” I specialize in helping eligible individuals navigate the complexities of insurance to find clear and concise solutions. Since founding my agency in 2013 and going full-time in 2020, I have been committed to providing clarity and understanding to all my clients regarding their insurance options.

Representing 11 renowned organizations and offering 74 diverse products across Southern Arizona, my mission is to ensure that each person I assist gains a comprehensive understanding of their insurance possibilities and discovers a plan that aligns with their lifestyle and objectives. In addition to general health insurance, I assist individuals and families aged 18-64 in finding suitable coverage through the ACA Marketplace or private insurers, independent of income levels.

As a passionate advocate for covering all bases, I also specialize in policies for personal property protection in Mexico as a certified Sanborns agent. Choosing the right insurance plan is crucial, and I am here to guide you to the perfect plan for your needs, ensuring peace of mind.

Sagrario “Sage”  Dyer