Discover Nature Cure Clinic, your trusted destination for professional and honest healthcare services. Led by the highly qualified Dr. Bryan McConnell, ND, DO, we bring a unique blend of naturopathic and osteopathic expertise to your healthcare journey. Our clinic features a welcoming and courteous staff dedicated to providing top-notch care.

At Nature Cure Clinic, we emphasize natural healing through naturopathic remedies and supplements. We accept insurance for various therapies and offer prescription services when necessary. Our extensive range of services covers holistic pain reduction, diagnostics, food sensitivity assessments, regenerative medicine, prolotherapy injections, bioidentical hormones, diabetes relief, food sensitivity testing, bioscan therapy, and neuropathy treatment. Explore the power of holistic healthcare with Nature Cure Clinic, where we’re committed to helping you take charge of your health.

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Mailing Address: 3280 S Camino del Sol, Ste 124, Green Valley, AZ 85622

Dr. Bryan McConnell, ND, DO