Below you will find content that will help you learn all the ins and outs of the Advantage Alliance Networking Referral Meeting. Please review, and if you have any questions, let the officers know!

How to fill out White/Yellow Slips

aka Leads & Tips/Refferals

How to fill out Green Slips

aka Return On Investment/Thank You for Closed Business & Face-to-Face/1-1s

More Tips:

One-minute commercial

  • Begin with your name and company name
  • Be specific on the best type of referral right now – i.e. instead of Nikole saying “I’m looking for clients who need design work done,” she would say, “This week I’m looking for plumbing businesses that either need to have a new website built from scratch or want to update their existing site.” By using an actual business or job type, it should jog your memory of who you know in that industry/job role.
  • End with your name and company name
  • You have up to one-minute – use it! (but don’t go over) Think of this as a radio spot that you have paid for, of course, you want your full allotted time.
  • You are training your sales force, the more detailed information you can give them, the better job they can do for you.
  • Use keywords and trigger phrases to educate, i.e. if someone says their cousin is starting a plumbing business, you know to refer them to Nikole; also if they say “I don’t like my website,” you know who to refer them too.
  • Practice! Come up with 6 one-minute “commercials” and practice them!

10-12 minute speech

  • Fill out your bio sheet before you come to the meeting, turn into President
  • Have keypoints you want to go over
  • Telling us about yourself is ok to, people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST
  • If educating us about specific areas of your business bring props, have handouts, use a powerpoint with overhead projector or use the whiteboard
  • Remember, this group is friendly, you may be nervous, but that’s ok!
  • Do your best
  • Don’t go over 12 minutes. Be prepared to cut it short if needed. Be courteous of everyone’s time in the group, set up 1-1s/Face-To-Faces to talk more
  • Officers will give you a two-minute warning with a bright yellow card
  • Officers will give you a Stop sign at 12 minutes that is bright pink

Sending a Sub

Sometimes you are unable to make the meeting. You do get 3 misses per 6 months, however we highly encourage you have someone else come and represent your business!

Reasons why:

  • Your business gets promoted!
  • The person subbing may be intesested in becoming a member
  • The person subbing may be a referral for other members in the group
  • You don’t jeopardize your membership

A couple of tips when sending a sub, prepare them with your commercial for the week. Don’t send them in blind. Write it out and text or email it to them.

Let them know, as long as they are not a competitor to an existing member, they also get to share about their business!

Be sure to let them know that each of the commercials is up to one minute long.

Coming soon!

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