Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect?

Each meeting follows the same format.

  • We introduce ourselves, for up to one minute, explaining who our ideal client/customer is for this week. This is when we pass our business cards/brochures around.
  • Then we have 1-2 presentations by current members.
  • We then pass referrals, give a testimonial or say thank you for closed business.
  • We also have officer reports and education during.
How do I join?

1. Peruse the Member Directory to make sure your profession is not already represented.

2. Attend the next meeting and introduce yourself.

3. Apply for membership, including your $20 application fee.

4. Wait to hear approval from our membership committee.

5. Submit annual membership fee.

How often do we meet?

We meet every other Thursday morning, approximately 24 meetings per year, depending on how holidays fall.

How do I know if my business is right for this?

Do you need more clients or customers?

Imagine having sales reps out there listening for and looking for your ideal customer/client.

What would that do for your business? If you are willing to be an active participant and agree to our By-Laws, then we’d love to have you. We are a referral networking group. Our purpose of meeting is to develop relationships with each other AND refer business to each other and from our circle of influence.

What is the business card box?

The business card box houses all of the members’ business cards. We pass this box around each meeting in order to fill our card portfolios back up. Guests and substitutes are NOT allowed to have their cards in the box.

What should I talk about?

In your one-minute round, educate us on who your ideal client/customer is. Be specific. Don’t say “residents of Green Valley,” instead say, “I’m looking for retirees who like to play golf and have thinning hair so I can show them how my patent-pending golf hat will protect their scalp.”

For your 6 or 12 minute speech, here are some ideas.

  • Go through your professional history
  • Talk about your life journey to where you are now
  • Talk about a specific product/service and what the benefits and features are
  • Do a quick intro and entertain questions from other members
  • Talk about your future plans
  • Practice your stand up comedy routine
What is the cost?

We have a $20 application fee; a $150 annual membership fee and a $20 speaker fee due each time you present your 12 minute speech.

How long are the meetings?

Doors open at 7:30 a.m. The formal meeting starts at 7:45 a.m. and are slated to be over no later than 9:00 a.m.

Is there an attendance policy?

Yes. Members can not miss more than 3 meetings in a 6 month period. Once this occurs, a probationary period starts. If the member is not active, the membership committee may vote to remove the member from the group.

Why should I be at every meeting?

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Part of developing the knowing, liking and trusting is by getting to know each other – and our respective businesses – during the meetings. 

Plus, you are educating your “sales team” on who you are looking for in an ideal client/customer.

And lastly, you paid to be in the group!

What are white slips?

The white and yellow carbonless duplicate forms are how we pass referrals to each other. The white slip (top copy) goes to the person you are giving the referral too. The yellow slip (bottom copy) goes to the Vice President in order for us to track.

What are green slips?

Green slips are how we track closed business and one-to-ones – two of the metrics we track every meeting. On the top half of the green slip, you fill out the person who REFERRED to you and the amount of business they sent your way. On the bottom half, you fill out if you had a one-to-one meeting with another member (i.e. in-office meeting, coffee, lunch). The green slips are also turned into the Vice President for tracking.

Why are there fees?

We use the membership fee, application fee and speaker’s fee to pay for:

  • marketing materials (i.e. postcards, website, advertisements)
  • meeting supplies (applications, white slips, green slips, etc.)
  • after hour networking events
  • “do good” money – i.e. donate to a non-profit, give out scholarships
Where do we meet?

Most meetings are held at Council Chambers Room at Town of Sahuarita 375 W Sahuarita Center Way, Sahuarita, AZ 85629

We will notify members of meeting room changes via our Facebook page and email.

The entrance is at the top of the horseshoe driveway that is shared with the police department. Meeting room is the large room on the left after entering. Parking is by the courthouse and police department.

Can I send a substitute?

YES! If you can’t make a meeting, but send a substitute, it does not count against you. 

Who makes a good substitute?

  • colleague
  • friend
  • business acquaintance
  • family member

Remember, they are representing YOUR business, prep them accordingly. Bonus – they get to tell us about their business too!

Who should I invite as a guest?

Business owners, employees or sales professionals are welcome as long as they do not directly compete with existing members.

Who is an "active" member?

Active members

  • show up to meetings
  • have one-to-ones
  • bring guests
  • pass referrals

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