2020 Scholarship applications

Requirements were:  Submit either a 500-750 word written essay  or a 3-5 minute video on the topic “Where I see my life 10 years from now.” 

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Where do I see myself in ten years? This question doesn’t really cross my mind that often, but is an essential question to ask oneself when determining the goals you want to achieve in the future. In all honesty, thinking about what the future holds for me in the next decade can be intimidating, however I plan to make the most of my years and put all my effort into becoming a happy and successful woman.

For starters, ten years from now, I will have a distinct career in Human Resources with a stable income. I have always had a niche for business and especially for Human Resources. So it is only natural that I will either be managing the Human Resources Department at a company like Geico or Raytheon. Dealing with most of the employee side of the business which would involve employee recruitment, training, advocacy, and working with CEOs or business owners on employer branding or even policy and procedures for the company. Nevertheless, having a successful career is rewarding, but doesn’t define my happiness.

Along with working a good paying job in Human Resources, I will be expanding upon my education by going back to school. I will have already earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resources, but I would be going back to school to further my education in business by earning my Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Having a career is amazing, but having a life outside of work is crucial. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to settle down and start a family. Like any other person, I desire a married life with children lifestyle. I will have settled down with the man I call my husband and have two children with him by the time I am twenty-eight. I will be financially stable enough to provide a good life for my family by providing a place to live where we call home and putting food on the table. At this age, I will be able to say that not only do I own my house, but I also own not one, but two nice cars and have begun to set money aside for retirement. Being smart with my money has always been a skill of mine, so having these goals for myself is achievable for future me to accomplish.

So here we are now, at the end of my statement that to many would sound like a perfect future. A future that promises stability and happiness, but fails to realize the reality of life. Life is an endless cycle of change and one must learn to adapt to it. I will face challenges throughout my life like any other human being, but it is how I choose to overcome these obstacles that will make me the person I want to become in the future and that is being a happy and successful woman.


Word Count: 487

Amaya Barnes
Sahuarita High School

Ten years from now our world will be very different. My past ten years were spent learning and growing into the ambitious young adult I am now, and the next ten years hold just as much promise despite the current global situation. In the midst of a pandemic and its unforeseeable toll on our lives, hopes are dampened as plans for the future are postponed and cancelled. However, I remain determined and optimistic as I finish my final weeks of high school from the kitchen table.

In the next decade I plan to attend college and earn at least a bachelor’s degree. My career goals are focused on helping our society recognize the impact of our unsustainable habits on our planet. My current major is Environmental Science, and I hope to use the degree I get in that field to continue on to law school, with aims to work in environmental law and/or policy. While I am aware that my major may shift within my subject area, I am confident that my end goal is attainable and realistic. Environmental advocacy, consulting, litigating, and policymaking are all key pieces in changing the habits of heavily polluting companies and production processes that greatly contribute to climate change. I am also interested in a career with the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Resources Defense Council, and the Environmental Working Group should the opportunity arise to work with any of them. I also have the option of considering starting my own law firm or advocacy organization. Taking a dual enrollment University of Arizona class that is focused on ethics, economies and entrepreneurship, has spurred my interest in being a business owner. Although entrepreneurship is a risk, I am learning about the safest ways to start and run a business. Because Environmental Law is a large field with many areas of specialization, there are multiple departments within government agencies as well as private agencies that value a focus in a specific locale of environmental issues. I have yet to determine precisely what area of work I would like to specialize in but upon researching various routes environmental lawyers utilize, I am confident that I would have no problem specifying once I am exposed to my options.

In addition to interests in natural sciences and law, I enjoy learning about philosophy, foreign languages and cultures, economics, and to a degree, politics. Throughout the next ten years I hope to further develop these interests and continue to participate in interests I have developed so far in life. Volunteering is something I value greatly, as a result of influential experiences volunteering with various groups throughout high school such as the National Honors Society, the Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Rotary Interact Club. I plan to continue volunteering in my community for the rest of my life, not only within the next ten years. While in college I plan to volunteer through both on campus organizations such as the Soil, Water, and Environmental Science Club, the Environmental Awareness Society, Defend Our Future, and the Biology and Earth Science Club as well as off campus organizations such as the Community Food Bank, the Citizens Climate Lobby and the Pima County Teen Court, and upon completion of secondary school I plan to continue with organizations in my community regardless of where that will be.

Academically by the year 2030, or thereabouts, I plan to have completed secondary school to a point that aids me in finding suitable and enjoyable employment. While ambition in academics and my career is a trait I possess, I also possess a desire to have a family and provide for them as well as I can, and I am willing to make sacrifices to ensure that they are safe and healthy. I would prefer to have a position in an environmental advocacy program, or a position in a law firm, but as long as I have a job that pays for my family’s bills I will be content. There is more to life than a six-figure income, and I am determined to satisfy both my professional goals, and my personal goals.

Word count: 689

Grace Adams

Walden Grove High School

Hello, my name is Alexandra Hernandez. I am a senior at Sahuarita High School. In the fall I will be attending Pima Community College for my prerequisites. I will then be transferring to Gateway Community College in Phoenix, Arizona to study and get my Associates Degree in Radiology to be an OB Ultrasound Tech. I have always had a love for helping others and watching others grow in their own ways especially families as my family means the absolute world to me. My mom always pushes me to do better than she ever could as she wants nothing but the best for her kids. These words meant a lot to me the most, as I discovered my Sophomore year in high school I had a learning disability in math as I struggled the hardest, I always pushed myself to prove to myself I can do anything I put my heart to. My goals are to finish my Associates Degree and gain an amazing job at a hospital where I can practice what I absolutely love, helping others and watching others grow, as I start this career I will be a leader, I will be motivated and I will make myself and others proud. I see myself ten years from now in Oregon in a amazing hospital with the best Labor and delivery unit, in ten years I will be building my career as an OB Ultrasound Tech and helping families grow into something bigger and beautiful as I get to see families grow into one, and that is what I will be striving to see everyday. 

I feel I am a great candidate for this scholarship opportunity because I truly feel like I know what It means to give back and give a helping hand to those in need as my mother is a single parent to four kids. As we went through our struggles she is still providing for us and trying to help provide a college education for us on her own. My goal is to make her so proud she will never have to worry again. I currently have been interning at The Chamber of Commerce since October of 2019, as I help around and type up articles for the Activity Guides as well as help file, and restock the shelves. I absolutely love interning with my fellow chamber volunteers as well. They make me feel so welcome. I also volunteered at the Jewish History Museum in downtown Tucson, I absolutely love being able to teach others about history and spreading such great energy around to help others discover something they’ve never learned. My passion is to learn something new everyday as well. College will always be a main focus and getting the career is like living the American Dream, having this opportunity would be so amazing and mean the world to me as it means I would be one step closer to my dreams, an absolute opportunity of a lifetime.

I have a plan and I’m sticking to it as it will help me succeed in my goals. Thinking of being an Ultrasound Tech has always been a choice of mine. As I always had ideas of what I wanted to do I always changed my mind when someone asked from a Trauma Surgeon to a Labor and Delivery Nurse, to a Holocaust Museum Journalist. At last I decided I needed to be more realistic, when it comes to me I like to get things done fast and being a Trauma Surgeon wasn’t an option as it is the most expensive one on my list of possible careers for schooling It was just way too expensive and I already knew I couldn’t afford it.. The others were fun as well but my calling is Ultrasound Tech. I’ve always been curious about how you can see everything and anything on a tiny human being as they grow and grow. You get to see a miracle form into something beautiful. I think if anything Radiology is where I should be I have made my decision and it’s final This time. Ultrasound Tech is my forever career and I can’t wait. Thank you for your time and I really hope you consider me for this amazing opportunity.

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Alexandra Hernandez 

Sahuarita High School

Video Length: 3:02

Gracie Mejia
Sahuarita High School